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FedEx TulsaFedEx Tulsa at the Mail Chutes and The Mail Box

Shipping Services – Express, Ground, Freight

With FedEx you can select how fast you want your package delivered – it can be there overnight or in a few days. The Mail Chutes and The Mail Box can help you select the right FedEx shipping service whether it is FedEx Express® or FedEx Ground®.

FedEx Ground is fast and reliable.

For business and residential delivery FedEx Ground provides cost effective options with definite time delivery service and great customer support.Faster delivery to and from your customers makes them happier sooner.

For more information check out the company site – click here

FedEx Express® for the quickest delivery.

The choice is yours – for urgent deliveries you can choose same day or overnight service. For important deliveries you can choose priority or standard overnight. If you have more time and are on a budget you can choose Express Saver. Check out the company site for other FedEx Express options – click here

Visit one of our Mail Store locations in Tulsa.

Trudy Edwards Mail Chutes

Trudy Edwards, owner

FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping are just one of many options to get your mail or package delivered to it’s proper destination. The Mail Chute and Mail Box can help you get it across town or around the world. Our staff is trained and ready to provide you the best service.

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